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Hi, I am Francesca

UX designer

A good user experience (UX) fulfills user needs, provides a positive experience, and supports business goals. With respect to the frameworks of architecture and technology.

I have a lot of experience with complex applications that require domain knowledge, such as for border guards at Schiphol or traffic controllers at Rijkswaterstaat.

Creative with a passion for Blender

In addition to the activities related to UX, I enjoy creating videos and digital 3D art in Blender. From sculpting characters to creating grungy futuristic city scenes, with dark wet streets where bright neon signs play a leading role. Do you know Blade Runner?

Practical and pragmatic

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.”

Tom & David Kelley

User research

An application or game should help users achieve their goals in a pleasant way. That’s why it’s important to conduct user research early on into the people who will use the product or game. When it comes to domain-specific applications or games, this is preferably done by shadowing these people during their work. It’s important to get a sense of the daily work so that we can think strategically about how the application can provide added value. Moreover, it’s incredibly fun and educational to have a peek behind the scenes!


The second part of user research consists of modeling one or multiple personas. A persona is a precise description of the user and what they are trying to achieve. These personas are used to keep the end user in mind during the design and development process, and to ensure that the entire team has a clear understanding of who the software or game is intended for. In addition, design decisions can be tested against these personas to justify design decisions. This way we take into account those for whom we are developing.


When it comes to achieving the user’s goal, it’s time to develop scenarios in the form of user journeys and/or a game design document, and to make the application or game tangible. The tangible representation can, for example, consist of a global or sketchy screen flow (low fidelity and often quickly made) or a more extensive and detailed prototype (high fidelity and more time-consuming). The most important thing is that the entire team and all stakeholders get a clear and shared understanding of the intended functionality of the application or game.


By means of a prototype, the functioning of the application or game can be simulated, allowing stakeholders to get a better sense of whether the design direction is correct or needs to be adjusted. It is possible to use usability tests in an early stage of the project, with only 5 participants, to uncover about 70% of the usability issues. (source: Nielsen Norman Group). This can save a lot of work if the application or game would have already been built.

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Do you have any questions or are you looking for help with researching and/or designing the UX and Game UX of a project?

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