Border Passage Decision Service

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Photo source: KMar magazine 10 2022

Border Passage Decision Service (GPBS) in short

Period: July – November 2018

Client: Koninklijke Marechaussee (KMar) (Royal Police)

For the Border Passage Decision Service (GPBS) project at Schiphol, I was responsible for the user experience of the redesign of the application for making decisions about access to the Dutch border. The goal was to design an application that could be used jointly and inconspicuously by multiple border control lines. The design was presented within different layers of the KMar to obtain approval for the follow-up process – the construction of the application. After about six months, the project was successfully built based on the design and is now live. Despite the fact that detailed designs cannot be shared, I am proud to say that it has been one of the highlights so far. I am glad that the system has received very positive feedback, which is ultimately what we do it for! View the case study for more details.

Proud of these UX design milestones

  • Introducing the concept of case-based collaboration and designed in an interactive prototype.
  • To have designed in such a way that it has created support from stakeholders accross the board and has been taken as-is after the pre-development phase.


  • User research
  • Designing detailed scenarios along which the prototype had to function
  • Interaction design (wireframes, flows, sitemap)
  • Interactive Adobe XD prototype (offline versie)
  • Graphic design